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High Tech Sex Toys Are Taking Over The Market

Love is a beautiful feeling experienced by two people. It suddenly makes you fall head over heels for each other. The most interesting part of it all is intimacy which gets you to wonderland. All the good stuffs associated with the union are inexplicable. However, according to statistics, that does not last long due to many interfering factors like working till late, travelling and even death. This is really hard to cope with but with the latest technology, everything seems to be under control. This way, the far away couples will not have to worry of their relationships going down the drain. This has been curbed through the unveiling of sex toys into the industry to avert such loneliness and misery.

The distant relationships and sex toys for couples who are far away from each other that are flocking the love industry are;

Lovense Max & Nora

This is regarded as one of the best sex toys that could make you feel as if your partner is right there in the room. It knows no boundaries when it comes to that connection. What’s more, the Bluetooth device installed in each toy will spice your bedroom affair since it promotes coordination while using them. How? It accomplishes all that by enabling you have a naughty chitchat with your lover through the chat app once both devices are connected. The product comes in two; one for the lady-Nora and another for the man-Max.

The devices synchronize to bring out what could possibly be the best experience ever. Both lovers can choose to use the sex toy single handedly or take turns for a desirable result and quench their libidos. The best part of it all is; as the man on the far side of the world increases his speed on the Max, so does the Nora as they are both in synch. Is there more you could wish for other than using this chance to explore the other side of love?


Want a sexy encounter filled with amusement and pleasure? Vibease has got all that for you. This is a favorite to those couples that wouldn’t want their magic restrained behind closed doors. This device is portable and could be used in busy places so long you have got your response indiscernible.

How could this possible?

Your partner could easily slide in the device in her pants since it is small enough to fit in there and would not inconvenience at any point due to comfort ability. The remote is handled by the male partner and will be the one to make it work on you by arousing the orgasms. The device can be charged using a USB. Once it runs out of power, you know what to do. Another fun thing with it is you can choose any background song or story that goes hand in hand with the activity and let your partner take over control. However, it only comes in one preferably for the lady which to some is not the best idea. For compensation, the man might opt to surprise you by turning on the device without a notice regardless of the place; office, business meeting, strolling so long as you have got it on. That could be more fun for both of you; what do you think?


This is by far one of the highly priced couple sex toys but despite that, it knows how to make up for the absence. The device allows video chatting to bridge the gap and make you feel as if he were there.Patented sleeve will make you fell like in 7th heaven. It brushes off the mentality that you can’t reach out to each other once the feeling comes up. How about you have a live, erotic conversation while the toys are busy at work? This makes it even more interesting.

If your man opted to induce more energy and take it faster and roughly, the effect will be felt by you as the recipient while gazing at one another. This is all made possible by the Bluetooth installed in both objects. This way, your bedroom escapades wouldn’t at all be interrupted because of ever changing schedules. You can read an in-depth analysis here:

Fleshlight Launch

This model is an improved version of the Kiiroo Onyx. It is a little bit larger and has replaceable classic Fleshlight sleeves. It has pretty much all the same functions as the Onyx does but is rated way better. Fleshlight Launch battery charges for around 6 hours and will last you for 4 explosive orgasms.

It also has tons of VR content and is compatible with your smartphone.

You can find more information on it here:


Lovense Lush

Apart from Vibease, Lovense Lush is yet another device to get you whimpering in random places other than your discrete apartment. Take for instance, you are having a luncheon with your girlfriends and your partner chooses that moment to be opportune for such an activity. It is fun, right? It all lies on you to control yourself and not even your best friends will make out anything queer in you. Surprise is all you need to make this a fun moment for you and your guy.

What you need to do to achieve all this is to forego the following steps. Unlike Vibease which can be worn with pants, this one is inserted into the lower part of the body which is even better as it assures one of privacy as it cannot be detected in any way and is also silent. The vibrations will only be felt by the user. It is designed in such a way to tickle your G-spot and bring out the desired feeling. It allows your partner to control it no matter the distance through the app installed in your phone. It comes with a manual which takes you step by step on how the device works. You can also set it to play your favorite track as it plunges into action. Another thing about it is that, if you are not accustomed to surprises, you could both set the perfect time for your wild and cheery moments together through the messaging app.

Who said teledildonics can’t take your intimacy a notch higher? The sex toys enable both partners to interact despite them being at different places. For all that to come through, it relies on the good connection especially the internet. The devices are efficient and effective enough for best results. Besides, they are quick to respond and are confidential so that no one else outside your circle gets to know of your little bedroom secret. They are packed nicely and if left accidentally lying around, it wouldn’t be easy for one to know what’s contained inside; which is not advisable to be careless with such objects.

Hope you liked our article. If it so happens and you are short on money and cannot afford these things, we suggest you to go and try a version of a diy sex toy. You can find plenty of instructions by visiting our friends Josh’s Homemade Sex Toys site